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Community Waste Disposal is the largest privately owned trash and recycling collection company in North Texas. Our ventures began in 1984 where we started out with only two trucks and two employees. Since then we’ve worked hard to develop a reputation for reliable, on-time service, while offering various selections of hauling schedules, equipment and recycling programs in the industry.

Nicole Roemer, Municipal Director; Greg Roemer, President and CEO; and Jason Roemer, Vice President









Our CWD driver is fantastic!  He went completely out of his way when he didn’t have to and it made my day!

Thank you, CWD!

Dawn B, Allen

The City of Keller hosts at least 12 major community events per year and works with CWD to provide recycling options at all of them. Not only does this reduce the environmental footprint of each event, it also helps keep our public spaces, particularly our award-winning parks, clean and relatively undisturbed even after large festivals and concerts.

Sarah H, City of Keller

I am extremely happy with the services that I receive.

Tasha T

Thank you for being such a good neighbor and for the work your people do.

Delton G, Keller

Our trash man is punctual and gracious and I wanted to let someone know how much he is appreciated.  I am a customer service manager.  I know what excellent service is, and this gentleman performs and is an excellent example of service with a smile.

Rosiland R, Allen

I want to give a huge shout out and say “Thank You” to the employees of CWD. Come rain or shine, your guys are always here!

Dana C, Keller

I am happy with the services provided by your company. These guys pick up my branches and go above [and beyond] to help my elderly neighbors. Every Wednesday my kid hears the trucks and anticipates their arrival. They smile and crush the trash for him to watch. Thanks so much!

Kimberlee C, Forney

Please thank (your driver) for being a fantastic, generous person! That’s the kind of guy I want managing my business. Thank you CWD! I’m now a huge fan of your company.

Dave P, Wylie

Thanks again to CWD for hiring the best! We love our drivers!

Donna K, City of Allen

My driver is a hard worker, very nice, and does an awesome job. I want to thank him for all he does!

M W, Wylie

The cognizant customer importance of every single CWD team member we have ever come in contact with is a tribute to the corporate culture you build. It is such a breath of fresh air to work with people who exemplify customer service. Thank you so much for how you serve our citizens.

T G, Keller

(Our CWD drivers and helpers) work hard and in all sorts of weather – I’d like to just say an extra thank you and show my appreciation for such hard workers that take pride in their work and our neighborhood!

Vinita S, Colleyville

We are 100% happy with our trash service. I have seen your professionalism at work. I have also seen your staff on the streets at work and their hard work does not go unnoticed. Thank you for all you do.

Jeff M, Ovilla

Just so impressed and I just wanted to say thank you. You’ve got some great employees there.

Terry L, Windmill Farms

We appreciate and love our trash men. Please pass along our praise and appreciation to your team. They make our community a better place and bring smiles and endless joy to our children. We couldn’t ask for more.

Amanda R, Colleyville

Please let (your employees) know how very grateful I am for their willingness to go the extra mile!!

Janice K, Azle

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