Commercial and Industrial Equipment Options

CWD’s commercial clients include local businesses in North Texas.

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commercial dumpster rental

CWD owns and maintains over 2,000 commercial dumpsters. We have a large inventory of front load containers guaranteeing you prompt and reliable customer maintenance and exchange. Let one of our professional sales staff help you decide what is right for your needs.

We offer a variety of container sizes. 2-, 3-, 4-, 6-, and 8- yard containers are all available for trash.

Actual dimensions can be viewed on the Front Load Containers flyer.

commercial dumpster rental

Temporary construction open top containers are available for a single haul or multiple hauls. These can be used by both individuals as well as businesses.

Permanent open top containers are available for long-term construction or projects, these can be hauled on-call or set to a schedule.

Please contact CWD to determine the open top container sizes available in your city.

CWD does NOT provide temporary restroom facility services.

commercial dumpster rental

CWD offers multiple compactor options, including self-contained and stationary compactors. All compactors are available in a variety of sizes and are custom designed for your business.

Every piece of equipment meets current OSHA and UL requirements. Compactors may be hauled on a set schedule or upon request.

commercial dumpster rental

Community Waste Disposal provides weekly services for Cardboard Recycling in 8 cubic yard slotted containers. The slot encourages workers to flatten boxes prior to depositing them into the container, therefore increasing the amount of material held per container.

Please contact CWD for more information about recycling services offered in your area.

To ensure safe service to existing and prospective customers, CWD has established minimum enclosure dimensions and service guidelines. Our Commercial Trash & Recycling Guidelines provide detailed information about the required enclosure dimensions, container specifications, and construction requirements.

CWD Commercial Trash and Recycling Guidelines