Recycling will be picked up weekly.

Residents, choose the method of recycling that is right for you! The following receptacles are available:

  • Blue Bag Recycling Program
  • 18-gallon Bin
  • 65-gallon Cart


If you choose to keep your rate as one of the lowest in the region, you may continue using CWD’s award-winning “Wash It ‘N Toss It” blue bags and utilize the lowest rate option. Blue bags are available for purchase at these Euless stores: Albertsons, Kroger, and Home Depot.

Place all recyclable items out no later than 7:00 am for pickup between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm on your service day. Please ensure the recycling receptacles and the trash carts are separated by at least three (3) feet, and three (3) feet away from obstacles such as mailboxes, cars, fences, gas meters, and drainage ditches. If utilizing a recycle cart, position it with the wheels toward the street.

Recycling Guidelines

Other Recyclables

The Earth911 Recycling Directory offers a way to search for a local recycling solution for items not accepted through the curb side program.

Euless residents who live in multi-family complexes, and who participate in the recycling program, can recycle materials in the booted container located on their property. Residents receive initial service and billing information from the water office.

 Booted Container

Recycling Guidelines

Recycling is serviced once a week.

The City is divided into zones and, depending on your location, service is provided Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday.  Please refer to the map below to identify your pickup day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q     Help! A blue bag is not large enough to hold all the items I would like to recycle. Are other options available?
A     Absolutely! Please contact the City of Euless Water Utility Office at 817.685.1471 to discuss options and prices.

Q     I am eligible for the Senior Citizen Recycling Rate. How can I request this?
A     Residents aged 65 and older may apply for the senior citizen recycle rate. Please call the Water Utility Office at 817.685.1471 to ask for this rate.

Trash Services in Euless are provided by Republic Services. Please visit the Euless City Page for more information.