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In partnership with the Town of Shady Shores, Community Waste Disposal provides a comprehensive program for all refuse and recycling needs. Residents, place all items at your front curb by 7 am for service between 7 am and 7 pm.

All trash must be placed in bags inside the grey 95-gallon trash cart.  Position your trash cart with its handles toward the street.

Prohibited Items

  • Commercial construction or remodeling debris.  Call CWD for estimate for special pickup.
  • Household hazardous waste (paint, motor oil, pool chemicals, etc.)
  • Tires
  • Batteries
  • Miscellaneous automotive parts
  • Concrete
  • Bricks
  • Dirt, Rocks, Sod, Mulch

Place your 95-gallon recycle cart at your pickup location by 7:00 am with handles toward the street.  All recyclables must be placed inside the 95-gallon recycle cart.

Keep your recycle cart separated from your trash cart by at least three (3) feet.

Bulk Items – Acceptable

  • Toys tagged as “Bulk Item”
  • Yard Tools Tagged as “Bulk Item”
  • Bundled Carpet in 4-Foot Lengths
  • Furniture
  • Fence Panels Not Bigger than 4’ X 6’
  • Bagged Leaves

Bulk Items – Prohibited

  • Commercial Construction or Remodeling Debris. Call CWD for a pick-up estimate.
  • Household Hazardous Waste (paint, motor oil, pool chemicals, etc.)
  • Tires, Batteries and Miscellaneous Automotive Parts
  • Concrete
  • Bricks
  • Dirt, Rocks, Sod, Mulch

Additional Trash and Bulk Items

May be dropped off at the CWD Transfer Station, 2010 California Crossing, Dallas, the first Saturday of each month, 8:00 am – 1:00 pm, excluding holidays.  A copy of your current water bill is required.  Fees will be assessed according to volume of material.

Loose brush and bulk collection is limited to five (5) cubic yards.

CWD will pick up unlimited tied and bundled brush.  CWD will accept tied and bundled flattened cardboard outside the cart.

Place all brush and bulk items at your normal pickup location by 7 am on your service day.

Loose Brush Pickup Guidelines | All limbs should be placed with trunks parallel to the street, not blocking the sidewalk.  Limbs should not be greater than six (6) inches in diameter, weigh no more than 50 pounds or be longer than 10 feet.

Household Hazardous & Electronic Waste Disposal

To dispose of your leftover Household Hazardous & Electronic Waste materials (HH&EW), simply call Community Waste Disposal’s customer service department at 972.392, 9300, Option 2.  CWD will mail a collection kit to your home.  The kit is comprised of a 4mm, 35-gallon plastic bag, an instruction sheet and labels for unmarked containers.

Bags must be placed near your entrance door, garage or another area IN FRONT OF YOUR HOME.


  • Do not overfill the bag.
  • Use only the bag provided. Do not substitute with or add one of your own.
  • Bag must be closed securely.
  • Items outside the bag must be placed in a cardboard box.
  • Do not drag the bag.
  • Pack the bag where it will be placed for collection and place all electronics, auto batteries and fluorescent tubes outside the bag.
  • Wrap fluorescent tubes together with tape if there is more than one.
  • If available use the original packaging to hold the tubes and stand them up to prevent breakage.

Trash service is on Wednesdays.

Recycle service is on Wednesdays.

Bulky Waste service is on Wednesdays.

Brush service is on Wednesdays.

Holiday Schedule

  • New Year’s Day – Not Affected
  • Memorial Day – Non Service Day
  • Independence Day – Non Service Day
  • Labor Day – Non Service Day
  • Thanksgiving – Non Service Day
  • Christmas – Not Affected

The Shady Shores Brochure is available to browse online or to download.

Questions & Answers

Q – How can I dispose of hazardous waste?
A – Call CWD Customer Service at 972.392.9300, Option 2, to request an HH&EW packet.
Q – How do I get a special pickup for extra items or non-compliant items?
A – Call CWD Customer Service at 972.392.9300, Option 2, to request an estimate for a special pickup.
Q – How can I get an extra recycle or trash cart?
A – Visit the Shady Shores Town Office at 101 South Shady Shores Road or call 940.498.0044 for assistance from the town.

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