Multifamily & Apartment Services

Community Waste Disposal provides service to multifamily communities throughout the DFW area.  We offer a wide range of services from various trash removal services to single stream recycling.

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cwd front load dumpster and truck

CWD owns and maintains over 2,000 front load dumpsters. We have a large inventory of front load containers guaranteeing you prompt and reliable customer maintenance and exchange. Let one of our professional sales staff help you decide what is right for your community needs.

We offer a variety of container sizes: 2-, 3-, 4-, 6-, and 8- yard containers are all available for trash.

Actual dimensions can be viewed on the Front Load Container flyer.

If your multifamily community is limited on space, our Apartment Compactors are a great solution! CWD will provide an apartment style compactor for use with steel carts, to be emptied by a front load truck. This equipment can be purchased or rented through CWD. Receiving containers typically come in 2- and 3- yard and compact about three times as much trash and are a wonderful answer for even a small trash room!

side load container and truck

We know how difficult it is to get industrial front load trucks into your parking lot. The front load containers take up a lot of room. CWD has re-invented both the dumpsters and the hauling trucks to be more “apartment friendly”. Our side load dumpsters are smaller, lighter and fit in hard to access locations.

CWD can offer your multi-family community a 4 cubic yard side load container for service two times per week. Please contact us for a customized quote.

open top container

Temporary construction open top containers are available for a single haul or multiple hauls. These can be used by both individuals as well as businesses.

Permanent open top containers are available for long term construction or projects, these can be hauled on-call or set to a schedule.

The equipment available includes 20, 30 and 40  cubic yard open top containers.

CWD does NOT provide temporary restroom facility services.

cwd compactor

CWD offers multiple compactor options, including self-contained and stationary compactors.  All compactors are available in a variety of sizes and are custom designed for your business.

Every piece of equipment meets current OSHA and UL requirements. Compactors may be hauled on a set schedule or upon request.

Simply combine all of your recyclables into our Single Stream Recycling can and let Community Waste Disposal do the rest.

Tin, aluminum, plastic and all kinds of paper including newspaper, cardboard and junk mail, can be tossed together. Some exceptions include fluorescent lightbulbs, Styrofoam, electronics and plastic garden pots.

Our Recycling Services brochure is available to you here. Check it out for information about Single Basket, Cardboard, and Apartment Recycling.

To ensure safe service to existing and prospective customers, CWD has established minimum enclosure dimensions and service guidelines. Our Commercial Trash & Recycling Guidelines document provides detailed information about the required enclosure dimensions, container specifications, and construction requirements.

CWD Commercial Trash and Recycling Guidelines