Servolution Network Good Neighbors Blitz

The Servolution Network’s Good Neighbors Program enables volunteers to revitalize houses, spruce up yards, and make minor repairs for those neighbors who need a little extra help.

CWD Municipal Coordinator, Robert Medigovich, addresses the volunteers prior to the work day. Photo by Blitz Event Staff

Hundreds of volunteers participated in Good Neighbors Blitz #5 April 6-7, 2018. Over the course of just two days, and spread over three cities, seven houses (five in Azle and two in neighboring cities) were revitalized – rotten wood was replaced, new roofs were put on, interior and exterior walls were painted, plumbing was fixed, new, handicap accessible, decks were installed, trees were trimmed, and SO MUCH MORE!

Open Tops provided by CWD were utilized – to the fullest extent – throughout the event. Photo by Blitz Event Staff

CWD is a proud participant and supporter of the Good Neighbors Blitz. Robert Medigovich, CWD’s Municipal Coordinator for Azle, goes above and beyond to ensure all waste generated from these events gets picked up and cleared out. Recycle Depots are also placed at the houses so that volunteers can recycle any plastic bottles and aluminum cans!

Volunteers made use of the Recycle Depots placed by CWD.  Photo by Robert Medigovich

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