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Curbside Recycling
For residents moving into newly constructed homes, contact the city for bin delivery. For residents moving into previously occupied homes, contact CWD (972-392-9300 ext. 202) for bin delivery or replacement of bins. There is a charge for lost or stolen bins.

By 7:00 a.m. on your pickup day, place all approved recyclables in your green recycle bin and all approved paper items in a brown paper sack and put on your curb or in your alley for pickup. Do not set out newspapers if it is raining, or rain is forecast.

Approved items for your green recycling bin –

  • Unbroken, rinsed glass bottles and jars (all colors), caps and lids discarded.
  • Flattened plastic bottles #’s 1 – 5 and #7 (unless they previously contained hazardous materials),
  • Crimped steel/tin food cans, rinsed and tops squeezed close if lids enclosed,
  • Flattened aluminum drink cans.

All Containers Must be Rinsed

For brown paper bags

  • Dry newspapers (including slicks), phone books, catalogues, and magazines.


Items not recycled

  • Plastic bags
  • Styrofoam
  • Caps, lids and sprayers
  • Aluminum foil and pie plates
  • Ceramics
  • Utensils
  • Aerosol cans
HH&EW Doorside Program
Call CWD (972.392.9300) two weeks prior to Collection day to be put on the HH&EW collection list. CWD will mail a collection kit to your home. The kit is comprised of a 4mm, 35 gallon plastic bag, an instruction sheet, and labels for unlabeled containers.

Bags must be placed near your entrance door, garage, or another area IN FRONT OF YOUR HOME.

Do not overfill the bag
Only the bag provided to you may be used
Bag must be closed securely
Items outside the bag must be placed in a cardboard box
Do not drag the bag
Pack the bag where it will be placed for collection, and place all electronics, auto batteries
and fluorescent tubes outside the bag
Wrap fluorescent tubes together with tape if there is more than one
If available use the original packaging to hold the tubes and stand them up to prevent breakage

Service Schedule

Recycle pickup day for all residents is Wednesday.

Click Here for the Recycle Calendar

Holiday Schedule
  • New Years Day – Not Affected
  • Memorial Day – Non Service Day
  • Independence Day – Non Service Day
  • Labor Day – Non Service Day
  • Thanksgiving – Non Service Day
  • Christmas – Not Affected

Questions & Answers

Q – Who do I call to get an extra recycle cart and what does it cost?
A – Please contact the City of Farmersville at 972.784.6093.

Q – Where can I take my paint cans (hazardous waste) with paint still in them?
A – Please call the City of Farmersville at 972.784.6093.