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In partnership with the City of Corinth, Community Waste Disposal provides a comprehensive program for all refuse and recycling needs.

  1. Trash must be bagged or placed in customer owned containers – 10 item maximum per pick up (includes containers, bags, bundles and bulk items). Contact CWD for unusual accumulations
  2. Trash containers or bags cannot exceed 40 lbs when filled. Additional trash or bulk items may be dropped off at the CWD Transfer Station, 2010 California Crossing, Dallas, TX 75220, Wednesday through Saturday, 8 a.m. – 1 p.m. – excluding holidays
    (Copy of current water bill is required)
  3. At the curbside, trash must be at least 10 ft. from recyclables
  4. Please place trash and recyclables at the curbside before 7:00 a.m. on service day


Missed Collection? Contact CWD Customer Service at 817.795.9300. If after hours leave a message.

Serviced on Trash day – Place extra recyclables in blue bags (from home depot, etc.) kraft bags or cardboard boxes.Allowed:
Aluminum cans, steel and tin containers, plastics (1-5 & 7), glass bottles & containers, newspapers, corrugated cardboard and
mixed paper.All containers must be rinsed out.Not Allowed:
Paper towels and tissue, plastic bags and packaging, wax-coated paper drink containers, food and wet waste, paper, plastic and Styrofoam serving items, grass clippings, and shredded paper

Roll out cart only when full – 40 lb maximum

At the curbside, recyclables must be at least 10 ft. from trash

Place blue cart with handles towards the street

Recycling Dos & Don’ts (PDF)

HH&EW Door Side Collection Program

Call CWD (972.392.9300) two weeks prior to collection day to be put on the HH&EW collection list. CWD will mail a collection kit to your home. The kit is comprised of a 4mm, 35 gallon plastic bag, an instruction sheet, and labels for unlabeled containers.

Bags must be placed near your entrance door, garage, or another area IN FRONT OF YOUR HOME.

  • Do not overfill the bag.
  • Only the bag provided to you may be used.
  • Bag must be closed securely.
  • Items outside the bag must be placed in a cardboard box.
  • Do not drag the bag.
  • Pack the bag where it will be placed for collection, and place all electronics, auto batteries and fluorescent tubes outside the bag.
  • Wrap fluorescent tubes together with tape if there is more than one. If available use the original packaging to hold the tubes and
    stand them up to prevent breakage.
  • Do not fill with pool chemicals as this can start a fire

City of Corinth HHW Service Schedule (PDF)

Bulk & Brush

Serviced on Trash day.

Brush must be tied and bundled in 4 foot lengths. The maximum weight is 40 lbs.

Furniture, appliances, yard tools, toys, bundled carpet (4-foot lengths), water heaters, fence panels not bigger than 4′ x 6′, bagged leaves and refrigerators/freezers (must be tagged certifying removal of coolant).

Not Allowed:

Yard Waste

Serviced on Trash day

10 item maximum pick up (includes containers, bags, bundles and bulk items).

Must be placed in bags or customer owned containers.

Cart Replacement

Please call 972.392.9300 option 2 to request a replacement cart.

Service Map | Schedule

Service Map & Schedule

Corinth Service Map

Service Map & Schedule

  • New Years Day – Not Affected
  • Memorial Day – Run
  • Independence Day – Run
  • Labor Day – Run
  • Thanksgiving – Normal Schedule slides one day over
  • Christmas – Not Affected