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Euless was the first Tarrant County city to implement recycling in apartments. In that same year, Euless began the blue bag recycling program. Since then, Euless has worked hard to increase recycling participation, while maintaining a low recycling rate. Now, Euless again has created an innovative recycling program that will make recycling more convenient for our residents and reduce waste. We believe this to be the first hybrid recycling program in all of Texas.

For service beginning March 1, 2013, you can choose the method of recycling that works best for you. You may choose to continue participating in the blue bag recycling program. You may also request either an 18-gallon recycling bin or a 65-gallon recycling cart that will be delivered to your home.

You may choose to recycle in a blue bag, bin or cart. It is simply a matter of what method works best for your household.

Cost efficient
If you choose to keep your rate as one of the lowest in the region, you may continue using CWD’s award-winning “Wash It ‘N Toss It” blue bags and utilize the lowest rate option

Blue bags are available for purchase at these Euless stores: Albertsons, Kroger, and Home Depot.

If you choose to use a bin or cart, it will be delivered to your curb upon request.

Euless residents age 65 and older may apply for the senior citizen recycling rate. Please call the Water Utilities office to receive this rate.

CWD provides residential single-family once a week curbside pickup service and multi-family recycling. Euless residents who live in multi-family complexes that participate in the recycling program can recycle materials in a the booted container that is located on their property. Residents receive initial service/billing information from the Water Office.

Recyclable Materials
Recycling is now single stream and does not have to be separated. All recyclable materials may be placed in one container.

What Can Be Recycled

  • Aluminum Soda Cans, which should be flattened
  • Corrugated Cardboard Boxes should be broken down and flattened so they will not be mistaken as trash
  • Lightweight containers such as cereal boxes, tissue boxes and other packages should also be broken down and flattened.
  • Paper Products like Catalogs, Magazines, Phone Books, Junk Mail, Newspapers and Office Paper
  • Plastic Bottles with these numbers on the bottom: 1, 2 , 3 , 4, 5 & 7 (#6 is not accepted at this time)
  • Steel or Tin Cans which should be cleaned of all food contamination
  • Unbroken Glass Bottles and Jars of any color

What Can’t Be Recycled

  • Aerosol Cans
  • Anything Contaminated with Food or Wet Waste
  • Broken glass
  • Ceramics, Dishes, Coffee Mugs, Drinking Glasses and Pyrex
  • Flammable, Toxic, Medical Waste, Syringes and any other Hazardous Materials
  • Grass Clippings
  • Light Bulbs
  • Paper Towels, Facial Tissue and Toilet Tissue
  • Plastics with a #6 on the bottom
  • Plastic containers that held hazardous waste
  • Shredded Paper
  • Styrofoam, Aluminum Foil and Pie Plates
  • Wax-Coated Paper Drink Containers

Special Case Items
Plastic Bags and Packaging | For these items please return them to the Euless stores listed above for proper disposal in their convenient containers placed at the entrances of each store. If you have another special case item please call the store ahead of time or the City of Euless to see how to properly dispose of your waste.

Recycling Collection Map
The City is divided into zones and depending on your location, service is provided once a week on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday. Place your recyclables at your curb by 7:00 a.m. on your specified pick-up day. Please refer to the map below to identify your pickup day.

Garbage Map

Other Recycling Services
The Earth911 Recycling Directory offers a way to search for a local recycling solution for items not accepted through the curb side program.

CWD also provides Euless with recycling services at all apartment complexes throughout the city. Euless residents who live in apartments are offered the opportunity to recycle the same materials accepted in the curbside program.

If your apartment property is participating in the program, there will be at least two containers: a slotted container for paper items and a booted container for other materials, on the property.

When the container is full, property management contacts Community Waste Disposal to empty the containers.

Booted Container
Booted Container
Place these items in the booted container:

  •  Flattened plastic bottles and containers (caps and sprayers removed) with these numbers on the bottom: #1,2,3,4,5,7.
  •  All colors of unbroken glass bottles and jars.
  •  Tin/steel food cans – place lid inside can and squeeze opened end closed.
  •  Flattened aluminum drink cans.


Recycling Dos & Don’ts (PDF)

Slotted Container
Slotted Container
Place these items in the slotted container:

  • newspaper
  • office paper
  • junk mail
  • paperboard
  • catalogs
  • magazines
  • corrugat


Service Schedule

Recycling is serviced on one of your two garbage collection days.

Holiday Schedule
  • New Years Day – Not Affected
  • Memorial Day – Pickup as regularly scheduled
  • Independence Day – Pickup as regularly scheduled
  • Labor Day – Pickup as regularly scheduled
  • Thanksgiving – Normal schedule slides one day over
  • Christmas – Not Affected
Questions & Answers

Q – How do i get more recycling information for Euless

A – Additional recycling information is available on the Euless Web site and by calling the Recycling Hotline at 817-685-1825
Trash Service provided by Republic Services. Click HERE to visit the Euless City Page for more information.